Thoughts from the Dallas

Thoughts from the Dallas airport, 5:30AM

It's far too early to be walking next to camouflaged men wielding M-16s.

While I've been trying to forget this is my first flight since 9/11, and keep thoughts of hijacks to a minimum as I await my connecting flight, the airport's faux CNN feed is looping stories from the tragedy.

Keep in mind I'm in an airport.

I just heard someone's final words from tower 1, spoken into a cellphone and recorded as a message explaining that something bad happened and she might be late getting home. Next up are real stories of courage and conviction staring firefighters. Following that is the story of a buried victim saved 27 hours afterwards. She's happy to be alive but can't walk normally again. All of it is presented with a mock Stone Phillips style of narration. Apparently the tragedy is television gold for late night programming.

I can't remember the last time I saw the trade center video, and this morning I've watched tower 2 fall several times. In an airport.

The absurdity is capped off with a quick celebrity "InStyle" interview with Stevie Nicks, and her struggles with drugs through the 80's and 90's. Yeah, that's about the same level of hardship as 3,000 lives lost. Sure.

Before 6am, the airport is sparsely populated and the TVs are very loud. You can't escape them, as there seems to be one about every 50' in the terminal. As you one fades away, the next grows louder. Thank god for headphones and this wayport wireless connection.

Yes I'm cranky from the red-eye flight.