I've been a happy customer of the iTunes Music Store, but in order to let my TiVo stream music through my home theater system, and in order to hear music on my MP3-playing car stereo system, I have to first burn everything I buy to a blank CD, then import them as MP3 files. It's a pain and makes a lot of 10 cent coasters I have no other use for.

It seems like there should be a way, or a hack, out there to burn the AAC songs to a virtual CD blank on the filesystem, then rip the tracks off that. Still tedious, at least it would remove the need to waste physical media converting to a more widely supported music format.

If anyone knows of a way, email me and I'll keep it to myself. It's probably a borderline DMCA violation for me to even think these thoughts, but I bought the music legally and I want to use it in my entertainment devices, not in P2P clients.

update: looks like there is more than one way to skin a cat.