those wacky jehovah's witnesses

I just got a visit at my door from some concerned citizens that wanted to warn me about the horrors of video games. I suppressed my laughter at first -- you know you live in the suburbs when you have to entertain visits such as these.

The "horrible new game" they described is the runaway hit Grand Theft Auto 3. While I'll admit GTA3 definitely has some serious edge and pushes some boundaries, I don't see why it shouldn't be available for sale to adults (even though I don't own it myself). When I laughed after hearing them mention GTA3, they asked if I was familiar with the game and I said I was. I told them it was a game marketed to adults, isn't available to minors, and why should I as an adult not be allowed to play it due to irresponsible parents making it available to their children (by the way, kids have a good handle on the differences between fiction and reality, but I doubt anyone can make a connection between GTA3 and a rise in violence)? They didn't have an answer so I stated that I wasn't interested in what they had to offer.

To lighten the mode, one of the women made a joke asking me that since I played the game, had I gotten an increase in traffic violations? I answered with no, it's just a game that you play, not to be used for driving instruction. After they left, Google let me in on my suspicions: they were jehovah's witnesses with a copy of "awake" magazine. It makes me wonder though, did they change the name of "the watchtower" because people slammed doors upon seeing the well-known publication?