Those crazy dealerkids, at it again

Last week, I got an IM from Scott saying "dealership is on the radio, now!" After seeing them play the previous week, I was happy to hear a couple of the new songs again.

I noticed on dealership's bulletin board that someone captured the whole show as mp3s and posted them here. In case that person's bandwidth is a problem, I mirrored the files on my own server, and also wanted to give's new Freecache service a test run.

Freecache is supposed to be an opensource/free Akamai-style caching service. It should also help with local and peer mirroring like bittorrent, but doesn't require any client software or registering with any central authority. It looks pretty freaking cool.

Oh, and Dealership's 80s-style cover of their own song Jungle Gym is to die for.