This is Broken x2

Paypal's phone support system uses voice recognition to solve problems instead of humans in a call center. At the last step in a security process, I was to state my first and last name listed on my account. I don't think there's a powerful enough computer in the world that would hear me saying "howie" and think that maps to "Haughey". I got stuck in an infinite loop trying to state my name and couldn't complete the process. This is a stupid way to do security.

While trying to buy a gift for a friend's birthday, I visited his Amazon wishlist page, then one-clicked him a book I own and love. A few days later his book arrived at my doorstep. Apparently if you actually want to send someone something off their wishlist, you can't use the big orange "Buy with 1-Click" button even though the option is there, and you have to go the step-by-step route. Totally broken, and I now have a second copy of a book I already own.