Things that suck about a cast

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- You probably remember a kid in your second grade class falling off the monkey bars right before school let out for the summer and how that kid's entire summer was ruined. Turns out at age 38 that's also true. I had tons of bike rides planned, a trip to the beach, a new waterpark opened in town, and I was hoping to swim at the Great Barrier Reef next month. I just cancled two long bike tours I reserved months ago. My summer: ruined.

- Typing sucks. Not impossible, but if you thought you'd have plenty of time to write while you try not to sweat in your new cast, you're in for a surprise.

- It's pretty much impossible to use a standard xbox360 controller with a left thumb locked in position. That was another way I thought I might pass time I'd otherwise be riding a bike in full health.

- A few months ago I finally up and decided to dress like a grownup for the rest of my life. Today before getting the cast off I had to take off a nice shirt I was wearing over a tshirt for fear I'd have to cut it off to get around the cast. Today's the first day in months that I've walked around as a 38 year old man wearing a tshirt in public and I feel both somewhat naked being so underdressed and I know I look like a complete slob without a nice shirt on. I can't believe how quickly I got used to nicer clothes and how I spent the last 30+ years of my life just wearing a tshirt and shorts or jeans every day in public. At least I wasn't the most underdressed while running errands today, there were 40-something dudes wearing tank tops.

- Given I tore some ligaments and didn't break the bone, healing means a slow process with therapy and my wrist probably won't ever be pain free afterwards. Surgery would make it worse, clogging my wrist with scar tissue that would restrict my range of motion. The whole diganosis for recovery reminded me of Louie CK's bum ankle and how sometimes parts of our bodies just never get any better: