Things learned so far while

Things learned so far while in New York.

- The city really doesn't ever sleep. Going sightseeing at midnight on a Sunday night is perfectly fine, as everything seems to be open.

- Due to my distance from the attacks last year, I never got to experience things first-hand, it was all mediated by media from 3,000 miles away. From that distance, immortalizing the event and paying tribute to it in hundreds of ways seems like it could possibly cheapen the memory, but being here now, and seeing "have you seen this person?" signs from the aftermath convinced me that the city still has some healing to do.

- I finally got to meet someone who I had been reading since 1996 and whose tutorial from then was the first bit of programming I ever tried beyond basic HTML. And he's tall. Veen tall. Of course, it had to be by accident, after midnight while walking home, as per the first item in this list.