They must be minting money

They must be minting money over at Lens Crafters.

A few years back, through a comedy of errors I destroyed my only pair of glasses, and was virtually blind without them. Luckily I had a recent prescription and simply needed new specs. After a few minutes of browsing my local Lens Crafters, and an hour of waiting, I had new replacement glasses for about $300. I convinced myself I was stuck and it was an emergency so it was ok.

Yesterday the frame of those same glasses gave out, right down the middle. Although I've been meaning to go to an eye doctor for the past year, I'm again in an emergency situation. But here's the surprising (or not so surprising if you think about it) part: after calling around the five local Lens Crafters for an exam, only one of them could see me today, as the rest were booked through tomorrow. I shouldn't be surprised, after observing my own behavior and those around me, I've found humans are a lazy species and apparently like to put things off until they become emergencies. At around $100 for an exam and a few hundred dollars for one hour glasses, I have no doubt they're doing quite a bit of business over there at Lens Crafters, and it's no surprise there seems to be one in ever town up here.