The South shall buy again

While stopping off at a tourist trap during a drive home, I noticed a Civil War reenactment was taking place nearby. Apparently it was over earlier in the day because they were populating the diner where I got a bite to eat.

I find any sort of past reenactment amusing but what is really amusing is seeing these fake former war heroes mixing it up with regular folk. You haven't lived until you've witnessed Sherman's march to the cash register. Later in the nearby tourist trinket stand, I was going to buy some candy but the line of confederates was too long. On the way out, I was stuck behind a guy pulling a howitzer on a trailer that was covered in confederate flag stickers.

Speaking of the gray, what kind of inferiority complex or low self-esteem must you have to play "the south" in a reenactment? Yeah, yeah, yeah, you could believe all you want in states' rights, independence to continue slavery, and "the war of northern aggression", but at the end of your fake war day you're going to lose. You know the result of almost any reenactment is going to end up with you losing. You already know you lost the whole thing. It's not like they play reenactment as do-overs, they follow the battles as they happened and the south lost more of them. It'd be like having a WWII reenactment and playing a german. Who in their right mind would want to take that side?

Holy cow, they actually have WWII reenactment societies. I bet they don't get a lot of people volunteering as loser nazis though.