The real beauty of Tivo

The real beauty of Tivo is that it allows you to fast-forward through pointless fluff in Olympic broadcasts. So far, it seems in the average hour of sports-related coverage, there are only about 20 minutes of actual athletic event content. The rest is commercials, introductions, and violin-filled backstories of every american athlete's struggles against adversity. Since Tivo collected and used usage data on last week's superbowl to realize that people replayed Britney's breasts more than interceptions or fumbles, perhaps the folks at Tivo could share the fast-forwarding patterns of people watching the recorded Olympics, and in turn, improve NBC's exhausting melodramatic coverage.

I've also noticed much of the same required behavior on Comedy Central shows. An episode of Battlebots contains 4 or 5 matches that are 3 minutes in length, but each episode runs an hour. Not so with a Tivo handy.