The Plague!

While trolling usenet looking for strange documentaries, I found exactly that. This piece is very odd: it's a 30 minute video of a news desk practicing for an all out terror attack on the US (featuring real news guy Forrest Sawyer). They are imagining that someone deployed the black plague in New Jersey, detonated a suicide bomb, and used a plane to deliver chemicals to civilians in Connecticut, with thousands of dead and injured. It features experts, eyewitnesses, and reporters in the field, and it seems like everyone is improvising, as you can kind of sense people making stuff up when pressed during questioning.

It's 81Mb and I have no idea who did it or why, but it's clearly just a drill, and a weird one at that. It's on my blogtorrent server

(sidenote to server geeks: if anyone's gotten server-side seeding to work in the new blogtorrent beta, let me know -- I'm getting python script errors when I try it.)