The Muppet Christmas Carol, greatly improved

I had no idea the Muppet Christmas Carol movie I've probably seen a dozen times over the last 30 years was missing a key scene. It's covered well in this video:

Having watched the video it's clear the movie makes SO MUCH MORE sense with the scene added. I remember seeing this the first time and not quite buying Scrooge's big turn at the end.

Thankfully, there's a happy ending to this story: the version on Disney+ that just came out last week includes the missing scene in extras, with an option to watch it with it included.

Keep in mind if you just hit Play on the title, you will see the version we've all seen with the missing piece. But if you drop into Extras the "Full Length Version" includes the key scene, which again, I think makes the whole movie way easier to understand even though the song probably does slow the movie down a bit and little kids might get a bit bored.