The lovable little scamp

On the news that Kucinich Posts Excerpts from Diebold Memos, I have yet another reason to love that crazy little bastard. I know he's got a Nader's chance in hell of winning the presidency, but it's great to see someone out there saying and doing provocative things in the era of middle-roadness (witness the democratic backpedalling from any talk of gay marriage). Everyone wants that center vote so bad they come off about as interesting as unflavored, unsweetened ice milk (*cough* Gore *cough*) and guys like Kucinich come off like a scoop of triple rasberry death-by-chocolate surprise.

It's not even his politics really, as I disagree with some of his positions, but I'll openly admit my first presidential vote in 1992 went to Ross Perot, for much of the same reason: I was tired of the same old politics and preferred to vote for someone with a fire under their ass.