The last you'll hear about Google for a while

The folks over at Microdoc news did some great research to try and prove the "are blogs clogging google?" question.

I think the experiment design is sound, using random recent searches at All The Web is acceptable input, though I'm wary of the qualitative value judgement that splits non-relevant and reduce search value into different piles. Non-relevant and reduced utility seem to be one and the same to me.

Without seeing the full results, I'll trust the author's judgement and concede that maybe I was making a mountain out of a molehill by noting blogs in many of my searches. Perhaps it is that the topics I search for are being blogged heavily. Perhaps it's that many good information sites have terrible HTML that makes them harder for Google to index.

An interesting estimate from that study is that almost 4% of all web pages on the internet could be blogs, which is kind of astounding.