The first 24 hours of Fuelly

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The first 24 hours of Fuelly, in statistics, originally uploaded by mathowie.

Holy cow. 24 hours ago, I took the stage at the START conference and explained some of the thinking and process behind me and pb's new site Fuelly. I knew it was an influential crowd, and I knew if it was good it might take off, but I thought maybe we'd hit 1,000 users by the end of the weekend at most.

Thanks mostly to twitter and other blogs (like Lifehacker and Get Rich Slowly) it's grown a bit faster than we expected. A cable network is doing a piece on it. Various awesome iPhone developers are wanting to plug into the API we still need to build. It's really been a crazy 24 hours.

Our inboxes are bursting with feature requests and bugs, but I'm really happy with how far we got building a site in just a few weeks. I'll be posting a full story of the development and creation of the site on in a week or two when all this dies down a little, hopefully inspiring other developers to try building their own similar projects.