The elusive Make

I've been hearing nothing but rave reviews for Make in the past two weeks, but I haven't seen one yet, and it's not for a lack of trying. Here's the response so far to my requests of "Do you carry the new magazine called Make?":

Powell's Technical Bookstore (last week, in Portland): "Hmm, never heard of it. It's by O'Reilly? Huh, we should carry it but I haven't seen anything about it"

Borders Books (last night, by PacBell park): "Nope."

Fog City News (hip newsstand in SF, today): "We've had several requests for that, but we don't know who is distributing it so we can't even order it."

Stacey's Bookstore (SF, half a block from Fog City, today): "No sign of it as far as I can tell. Try the newsstand down the street."

I tried to subscribe a couple weeks ago, but the page spit out an error when I forgot to check off a select box, and it refuses to accept or submit my card now. Ugh.

update: turns out that you can only order it from Amazon, at least for the first printing. I heard about the new issue on so many blogs I just assumed you could find it on a newsstand, but I guess folks just got freebies or subscriptions directly from O'Reilly.