The downloads of the Christ

My new favorite blog Sellout Central points to an interesting story on Christian Piracy. Quoting:

only 10 percent of Christian teens considered music piracy to be morally wrong, according to The Dallas Morning News

I plunge the depths of the internet from time to time just to see what the scene is like and I've been surprised by the presence of things like the Passion of the Christ movie and soundtrack being traded around, bible programs being swapped, and people openly requesting pirated copies of christian-themed files. I would think if anyone considered downloading stuff online to be akin to stealing, it would be faithful followers, but apparently that's not the case.

update: Andy sends this story of Passion bootlegs being used to route around the damage of non-distribution:

But the Israeli distributors who have the sole legal right to import the movie to the Holy Land have so far declined to do so... Robbed of the chance to view the film legally, the Holy Land's Christians - foreign pilgrims and minority Palestinian Christians - are finding other ways to satisfy their curiosity.