The current toll is three

The current toll is three days, and I'm starting to think quitting for a lifetime could certainly be possible. For no reason other than I've been meaning to do it for years, and I was out of Pepsi at the right time, since May 1st, I haven't drank a soda. I've been drinking a coke every morning, and at every meal for years. Over the past few months I caught myself downing 4-5 cokes or pepsis (I had no preference, anything brown and sugary would do) a day, especially whenever deadlines approached. I'd often sit wide-eyed awake at 3am, trying to get to sleep after 12 hour days and I knew the day was coming when I had to stop.

The monkey's off my back and it's not so bad really, I've been drinking water or flavored sparkling water in place (both zero calories versus 150 calories/can of soda) and getting to sleep at normal hours again. I haven't had any caffine withdrawls and my productivity hasn't slid downward, both of which surprised me. After at least ten years of having several cokes a day, it's been surprisingly easy to kick the habit (and Calistoga water kicks ass).