My new book project is officially a go

My new book project is officially a go
Orlando vs Portland Thorns pre-game, Inter&Co Stadium, Florida in September 2022

I mentioned a book I was planning to write in my "Embrace the weird" post a couple weeks ago. This book idea is definitely weird, as it's a super niche one.

I'm writing a guidebook to the fourteen stadiums that host National Women's Soccer League teams

The idea began last month when I realized I'd already been to about a third of the stadiums for matches over the years, and completing the project would be possible in just a couple months if I took some flights and visited friends in each city to help gather tips and info.

Thorns vs Racing Louisville warm-up at Lynn Family Stadium in Kentucky, September 2023

The guidebook answers the question of how do you have a fun relaxing weekend when traveling to see your favorite soccer team play an away match in a new-to-you city.

I understand not everyone is asking that question, but for the few that are, I'll have a guidebook that fully and completely helps them out.

Providence Park during a Thorns game in Portland, Oregon, July 2021

The idea took hold because I realized this is a perfect combination of my love of writing helpful how-to essays along with my loves of travel and soccer, so I jumped into it whole-hog.

Thorns vs San Diego Wave at Snapdragon Stadium, May 2023

Last weekend I visited Chicago, tomorrow I'm off to San Jose, California, and this Friday I'll be in Utah, with Saturday back at a Portland home game. Around mid-May, I'll have completed reviews of half the stadiums and my plan is to finish all 14 by June 30, when the NWSL takes a long summer break for the Olympics.

I'm writing as I go (Chicago is already a completed draft!) and I plan to release it as a $10 ebook, hopefully by the end of July.

I built a new little site about it here:

Unofficial NWSL Stadium Guide
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To answer your first immediate question, yes, this book will likely appeal to 8 people on the planet at first, but I'm ok with that as it will be an ongoing project with new editions released every year soon after the sport kicks off each season in the Spring.

If you're interested in following along on the journey, subscribe to the blog as I'll post weekly updates on my progress as well as share photos from the trips, and I'll be sure to make a big splash there (and here) when the book is finally ready to order and download.

Thorns post-game celebration at Providence Park, May 2021