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This is dangerous (to my bank account): IKEA has finally embraced the web. You can order some stuff online and they have their entire catalog online, either as a painful flash interface, or you can just download the whole thing as a PDF.

After spending weeks browsing through expensive modern furnishing and top o' the line interior design catalogs, I'm impressed at how cheap IKEA remains and how closely they pay tribute/copy classic designs (pdf of a room that looks vaguely Eames-ish or Danish 1950s). I guess it'll always be considered semi-disposable swedish furniture, but many of their pieces are looking lovlier than ever.

That reminds me: I used to joke about "The IKEA rule." If you were moving from one region of the country that had a local IKEA to another that also had a nearby store, you had to destory or give away all your IKEA products, then repurchase at the new location, 'cause all that fiberboard ain't making the trip intact. There was also a point in my life when I longed for IKEA products that used startch-based materials instead of wood. That way, when you wanted to move and get rid of your stuff, you'd simply submerge them in water until they dissolved. No muss, no fuss.