The big gig that solves eveyrthing

I spent the weekend in Seattle, enjoying a lot of good food and fun and last night I got to see Scott's big opening gig. I took a whole mess of photos and put my favorites up here, and I'll be eeking out the best of them on my ten years site this week.

Scott's show was fantastic. Amazingly enough, he wasn't very nervous before it started, and he sounded better than ever with Michael playing violin and mandolin as backup. Michael cracked up me too, he spent all day working on his fence, then threw on a hat and we gave him a ride to the show. A couple hours later he was on stage duelling licks with Josh Kelley's kickass slide guitar player Ben Peeler. Then there was the crowd, and the people that clustered around Scott after his set to get autographed CDs. It was nuts, and great to watch others experience Scott's music for the first time.

Josh Kelley was really good, much better than his album. His voice has more range live and he can really play a guitar. Actuallly after seeing him play, his CD sounds like they engineered out all the personality and warmth in his music, which is a shame.

In the big picture, it was just an opening gig for Scott, but then I think back to the years I've known him and worked with him; I've seen him playing coffee houses and doing open mic shows, and seeing this show was like all that hard work finally paid off. Josh liked the show, the promoter liked the show, and the audience liked the show and he sold a bunch of CDs. It seems like stuff is finally falling into place for Scott and it felt like I was watching him take the first steps on a road to albums and more shows and touring and the like. All in all, I had a great time and was stoked to see a friend succeed.