The Animatrix

The Animatrix finally came out on DVD on Tuesday and it also became available on Directv as a pay-per-view movie. I paid the $3.99 and Tivo'd it last night, which is faster than waiting for Amazon to deliver a DVD. I've seen two or three of the preview versions on the Animatrix site, but the full sized digital version viewed on a TV looks much better.

After watching the first half of it, I wonder why it wasn't released before Matrix Reloaded opened in theaters. It includes some backstory on how everyone at Zion found out about the tunneling machines, and how the war with the machines first started the Matrix. Seems like the kind of thing fans would have scooped up before Reloaded, when enthusiasm ran high for the film. Now that it is out I'm sure Reloaded's lukewarm reviews will greatly harm sales of Animatrix. Searching around online, I see that ripped copies of the complete animatrix DVD were available right around May 1st. It's not like the disc wasn't ready before Reloaded, it just wasn't sold which I find really odd.