Tenacious D is the

Tenacious D is the greatest band on earth for a multitude of reasons, but one of them is their hilarious and insightful lyrics. Tonight, I wrote down my favorite passage:

"If I was to distill down the message of the D, into one phrase that you could take home and meditate on... I'd say: 'set the artist free.'

I'm talkin' about this artist, inside of your heart. Set it free!

You know what I'm saying? I'm saying quit your day job. And I know that scares a lot of you. And a lot of you are saying 'Fuck you Jack, I can't quit my fucking day job, I have kids to feed.'

Quit your fucking day job.

Focus on your craft, one time! Before it's over, and you've squandered it, because you're a fucking robot!

And after a couple years of earnest, concerted effort, me and Kyle will swoop in, we will check out your progress. And we will say 'continue.' We will encourage you. Continue!

Or we'll say 'stop' And then seriously, you must stop, if we say so. Otherwise, penalties, we'll think them up, and enforce them..."

Tenacious D "Cosmic Shame" introduction (Download it here).