Tellwho? That old chesnut?

Good lord, looks like someone found an old database lying around and thought "huh, is there any way we can make some money off this old thing?" Here's what I just got from Tellme, which I signed up for and used back in 2000 when it was cutting edge.

Dear Studio Developer,

Now you can start making money from the voice applications you create using Tellme Studio!

Starting today you can submit your voice application to Tellme. Selected applications will be deployed and publicized to the more than 55 million Skype users who can then pay to use the application.

Visit Tellme Studio now to build, test and debug your application. The first applications will be deployed soon, so start building!

-The Tellme Studio Team

I didn't even know they existed anymore. And look! They've even got a circa-2000 flash-powered splash page. You don't see those everyday.