SXSW stuff: I'll be speaking

SXSW stuff: I'll be speaking on a couple panels in Austin next week. On Tuesday I'll be talking about freelancing in the morning Peer Meeting, then later that afternoon I'll be doing a community panel with Derek, Caleb, and John. It already seems like there are a million things going on during SXSW, but I'm going to try and hit the SoNewMedia party featuring The Dakota Smith and I hear Cory's doing a reading I don't want to miss. There are at least a few dozen people I haven't met yet that I'd like to meet up with, if you see me around, feel free to say hi.

Someone asked me who all is in this photo described here.

Back row: Owen, Maura, Jason, Ariana, and Christine. Front row: Robert, jack, Brig, me, and Ev. I don't know why I took the photo at the time, or how I got everyone together like that, but in two years everything Jason described has happened.

Biggest regrets about going? Putting off freelance work and writing for a week, knowing I'll come back to crazy amounts of work while trying to get ready to move simultaneously, and also missing From Monument to Masses shows coming up.