Supersized Me

I finally saw Supersize Me and I was blown away. It's kind of like a jokey, dumbed-down version of the book Fast Food Nation, but really drives the point home. Last year I cut out some junk food from my diet ("french fry free in 2003" was my personal slogan) and lately I've been exercising a ton, but not losing any weight. After seeing this movie, I was reminded why. I've been lazy in the past couple months and I probably eat fast food of some sort 3-4 times a week. "Drive-thru no more in 2004" is my new personal slogan.

It's great to hear the movie is doing well, though I would have guessed that it did more business already. I hope everyone in America gets a chance to see it, it'll open your eyes, make you laugh a little, and blow your mind.