Spring finally sprung

Yesterday was no doubt the first real day of spring for me, and I have a feeling it was for everyone else too. It started off with a morning so warm I put on a pair of shorts for the first time since last October. I enjoyed a long brunch with friends followed by warm walks through neighborhoods and ending up in a backyard for an hour talking.

After returning home, backyard primping and preening ruled the day, followed by a nap filled with warm breezes and resting cats. Dinner was had after a walk downtown to a sushi restuarant. On the trip home, the sidewalks were loaded with people doing the same, which I've never seen before (it is California, after all, and we rarely see anyone else walking in the suburbs).

What really sealed the deal was checking my email last night for the first time in hours and getting only three new messages. It's as if everyone realized what a spectacular day they had in front of them and unpulgged collectively to enjoy it.