Someone build this: FlickrForwardr

Whenever I shoot photos of people doing some sort of sporting activity (like shooting surfers in Hawaii, bike riders in Portland, etc), sometimes they come up to you later and ask if you are going to post any of the photos online, because they want to see themselves in the shots. I've had odd conversations about where to find the photos later ("Yeah, it's like the word flicker but without an e, then there is a slash, then...") and I've considered getting some Moo cards made up with my flickr URL, but I was thinking someone (either Flickr themselves or a couple coders with a google appspot account) should make a domain parking spot that simply forwards to your flickr stream (or any other single URL you specify). If it was priced around $20 a year, it'd be about the same as some Moo cards and I'm sure a single developer could support thousands of customers like me and clear some profit.

I'd love to tell a surfer or cyclist that they can see shots I take at say, "mattsphotos dot com" or something to that effect and have it resolve at my flickr spot.