So I guess I'm officially

So I guess I'm officially a touchy-feely designer now. A company stole (screenshot) my metafilter design lock, stock, and barrel, and it feels like my house was robbed, my daughter raped, and my pets killed.


I know it's a totally unrealistic reaction, and I can't stop thinking about why I feel so crappy over this. I've had my car broken into several times, personal belongings and stereos stolen, and this feels much worse. My hands are shaking and my stomach is knotted up. I'm a big ball of anger right now.

It's probably because they're a business first and foremost. If it were a personal site, I'd be annoyed, but in the past I haven't done anything about thefts of my stuff for personal use. The fact that they're a business, and they're using my hard work to represent them is where the problem lies. Pouring two years of work into something that's basically gotten you squat financially is another big reason. I'm more and more aware of all the hours I spend on the site, and lately I can't stop thinking if I should move on, and do something else with my time.