So here they are, my

So here they are, my photos from the trip to New York to shoot the Brill's cover.

Some notes about the pics: I went from Austin, TX to NYC because I was at the South By Southwest conference when Brill's needed me. The trip was about 24 hours total, so I took as many photos as possible (and I wrote a bunch, which isn't up yet) to help me remember the whirlwind tour. There are a zillion photos of my hotel because Bryan turned me onto the boutique hotel movement recently, and it helps to have plenty of notes and images when compiling personal reviews of the best boutique hotels you've stayed at. If it's not clear in the photos, the Hudson Hotel was amazing. No more cheesy chain hotels for me, it's boutique all the way from now on.

Oh, and if you wondered what this post from last month was all about, look at this shot, and it should now make sense.