Snowboarding today was an absolute

Snowboarding today was an absolute blast. It rained all night, so I was hoping for some fresh powder, and when I awoke at 5:15am, it was still raining. Unfortunately, it rained all the way up the mountain, including on the mountain at over 7,000 feet. We'd get 2 or 3 good turns in on the packed, slightly wet snow, then we'd have to stop and wipe the water from our googles so we could see again. It continued to be drizzly all day on the mountain, but the sheer enjoyment of sliding on some snow was more than enough to make up for the less-than-perfect conditions. It was too wet for my digital camera, but I did take a few shots going up and coming down, because the weather was nuts. At times it was snowy, rainy, sleety, foggy, and windy, usually 2 or 3 at time. It wasn't too bad to drive in, my new truck is the first 4-wheel drive vehicle I've owned, and it felt safe and secure every step of the way.