Shame on you, Dick Cheney

I can't believe Cheney changed his stance on gay marriage, and so completely at that.

What kind of father goes out on a national stage and says he doesn't believe his own daughter deserves the same rights in her life that he enjoys with his own marriage?

It's not like Dick and Mary have a bad relationship, all his quotes from 2000 supported her and kept her out of the limelight, while she put off grad school to work on his campaign and consulted on gay issues for the 2000 election. They reportedly accept Mary's longtime partner, Heather Poe, into their home and call her part of the family.

The vice president and his wife have fought for family values without completely alienating their daughter until now. I know sometimes career takes precidence over family and that Bush and Cheney have shown on more than one occasion that they can be hypocritical, but Cheney just proved he's worse than all that. He's a shitty father for not defending his own daughter.