SF Gate's Morning Fix newsletter

SF Gate's Morning Fix newsletter (sign up here) is the best thing to arrive in my inbox each morning. It's one guy basically blogging the SF Chronicle newspaper, with a sharp wit and sharper tongue that in my opinion trumps comedy central's Daily Show in terms of laughs and smarts. Not only is it a cheeky look at today's news, it also offers historical tidbits about San Francisco, a word of the day so obscure you've never heard it uttered, best bits from the news, and his replies to reader email. Today's fun fact was exceptionally good, since I'm a fan of Anchor Steam Beer, and had no idea those folks in Anchor Brewing jumpsuits wandering around Potrero owe their thanks to a former appliance king:

In 1965, Fritz Maytag, heir to the washing machine fortune, invested his inheritance in a bankrupt brewery that was nearly 100 years old. Ten years later, Anchor Brewing Co., with its Anchor Steam Beer, had a nationwide cult following. Maytag is credited with launching the microbrew revolution.