SBC PacBell intends to phone spam everyone

From a local email list, definitely worth spreading:

"SBC PacBell is about to give your phone #'s  to companies "...within the SBC Pacific Bell family of companies ..." Look in your November statements and you'll find an innocuous white postcard with a 'Business Reply Mail' header on it.   If you read the statement, they're telling you that unless you contact them, they'll give your phone number to other companies within the SBC 'Family' so they can call you and sell you more stuff.   I usually throw out the extra crap that comes with my phone bill without looking at it, but someone tipped me off.  We have less than 40 days to contact them either by mail or web or by phone: 1-800-310-2355

If you _want_ to get lots more tele-SPAM  then simply _do nothing_---what a great deal!"