Raise a glass for Pat

Leonard pulled the recent under the radar stuff about Pat Tillman into one nice post. I was impressed with Tillman's resolve and unselfishness in ditching sports for the military, but after reading the SFGate article he sounds like an interesting and very human person to boot. The funeral sounded like a perfect send-off, done the way he would have wanted it, and Ted Rall is an asshole for making a dark cynical joke of the guy's ultimate sacrifice.

This is why blogs are a good thing for the existing media - due to the language used at the funeral, no media outlet in america can carry it, and probably due to our religious sensibilities, the photo from the funeral is only running on an overseas news wire. So you can only get the rest of the story thanks to the millions of eyeballs scouring the net for interesting angles on what would otherwise be one-dimensional soundbites.