I love the idea of prefab homes using the most modern materials and layouts with a nod to energy savings. It's probably just my inner geek talking, but since computers and electronics keep getting faster and cheaper, why can't the advances in technology carry over to similar savings in things like homes? In the past 50 years, we've learned a lot about the psychology of spaces, how best to insulate a space, and how to take advantage of wind and solar energy. Yet most American homes are using the same designs post-war housing was built to, just with larger rooms, better windows, and better insulation in the walls.

Some enterprising architects have attempted to tackle this problem of how to design and build custom modern housing at an affordable cost.  These homes look incredible and although a bit small, pretty close to what I'd want in a dream house. Lots of open floor space, seamless living, cooking, and dining areas, and simple bedrooms. I wonder what the costs would run to build a place like this, hopefully just a couple hundred grand or so, though I'm sure building the whole thing from scratch in most markets would run you almost half a mil. [via Doug]