Pour 40Gb on the curb for your dead torrents

Bummer to see TvTorrents get shut down. I didn't use it much, but I did become a huge fan of Arrested Development after catching one episode on TV and going back to TvTorrents to find all the previous shows. I ended up buying the first season DVD in order to get high quality versions and the extras. Torrents leading to DVD sales, imagine that.

I also downloaded a few episodes of Desperate Housewives after I heard so much good buzz but couldn't stomach more than 3 episodes before I quit entirely. That's a great show crippled by bad writing and caricatures instead of characters. It's like if you took Six Feet Under and dumbed it down until Carrot Top could be a guest star.

Anyway, TV Torrents was useful when I wanted to see a show and couldn't find it anywhere else. TV Networks should pick up on this as demand instead of piracy.

Did you hear that ABC, Fox, and NBC? I wanted to watch more TV and the only avenue was this site, which is no longer working.

Why the networks don't allow their shows to be downloaded (heck, with ads even!) I don't know. There are people going to great lengths to watch more of your shows you play once and then take off the air until a DVD may roll around a year later.

update: cool, a dozen people mentioned btefnet. I'm an occasional user of bittorrent but if there's ever a program I missed and wanted to catch I'll be sure to try them out.