Please leave a message after the beep

While I loathe "I'm busy, will post later" weblog posts, I feel this is necessary after looking at this site and realizing how neglected it appears.

In gearing up for this concert in NYC, I've been crazy mad busy with a million loose ends to tie up before that day, and recently I started playing with this new beta feature of to post my daily distributed bookmarks here. I sorta helped coax Joshua to code the feature, so that I could basically do what Jeff Veen does on his site, but without all the perl/MT frippery. What I didn't realize is that once I could post links interesting to me in a very low threshold way, it would totally satisfy whatever craving I had to post anything of substance to this site.

So yeah, expect the trickle of daily links for the next week or two as I descend back into the bitmines to crank stuff out. Oh, if you're in NYC next week, and you're attending the concert, be sure to look for me and say hi.