...perhaps we'd be better off

...perhaps we'd be better off considering 911 a crime against humanity and engage in a global manhunt to find and bring to trial those that planned the event (remember, all the perps are dead). Should the CIA/FBI need back up, we use the military. We scour the earth and bring the suspected in front of the world's cameras at the World Court. We lock them up, diffusing their ability to be martyrs. We send a message to young men being recruited by fanatics, "If you join we will catch you and you will not be able to die, but will suffer for the crimes you commit for your natural life."

Amen to that, Caleb.

I've argued a similar point when the issue of flags came up. Although nationalism is running high and we're aiming at countries that harbor terrorists, it always seemed a better approach was to remind everyone it was the entire populace of the earth versus a few hundred violent individuals, and once found, would be brought before a world court for public justice (not revenge).