One sign that I love

One sign that I love my job is that I never watch the clock. My typical days at UCLA used to go like this: show up at 9-10am, read some mail and sites, do some work, blink, and it's 7pm. But these last two weeks of me being a lame duck in my office are going sooooo slooooooow. I've got pretty much the same schedule, but it goes more like this: get in at 10, read email and a bunch of weblogs, talk to coworkers, fill out various forms, read more email, look up at the clock - 11:30am. damn. read more mail, read more stuff, do a little work, clean office out a bit more, look at clock. damn. 1pm. Repeat until 6pm. Time is suddenly at a standstill within my office, I swear the laws of physics no longer apply there.