One Moto

I went to the One Motorcycle Show in Portland this past weekend. It was an interesting mix of bikes of all shapes and sizes and styles. It was held in a huge warehouse with probably 7 or 8 giant rooms filled with bikes, but was choked with people and tough to move around. Also, no parking lot to speak of so you had to park a mile away and take a bus. Anyway, here are some of my favorites.

There were so many 1970s Honda CBRs done up in cafe racer styles or classic chopper styles, but I really loved the simple elegance of this one.

The other weird trend was people hot rodding old 1960s Honda Super Cubs into hilarious drag bikes considering how slow/low powered they are.

This bike was the most baffling of the day. A racer style bike with lots of fairings and deep fenders, but also knobby tires like an adventure bike, but also? Those tires have white walls (how do they stay white if you take it on dirt?). I don't understand why someone would build this combo or where you're supposed to adventure to with those giant knobbies but also that huge front fender. This makes no sense outside of being a goofy design exercise.