One less worry in life

I'm an adult now and I have a home and savings and have all my bills in check, but I can never forget what it was like being 18 with my first bank account, back when using an ATM was like playing roulette (and like any form of gambling, I walked away empty handed more often than with any cash). So even though it's been ten years since I've left an ATM empty handed, I can't get an irrational thought out of my head every time I use an ATM: that I'm surprisingly and suddenly dead broke. It's sort of an adult version of the "waking up naked at the exam" nightmare I used to have in college.

Until now. I was poking around my small town credit union website and discovered a new alert feature, where they send an email based on your account activity. So I setup an automatic email that goes to my cellphone's email address when the checking account is below a fairly comfortable level. The feeling didn't leave immediately the next time I used an ATM, but after I saw the feature work when a bunch of bills went through, I now know that it is instantly wired to my bank balance, even when I'm far from a computer.

A lot of stuff I've read about simplifying your life involves removing all those little irrational worries that clog your thoughts and keep you from getting things done and living happy. In addition to this small thing, I've been to the dentist for the first time in years and removed the other big irrational fear that my teeth would fall out any day now. It's been nice to remove these worries from my life forever, as I've got a whole bunch of new worries lined up to deal with. :)