One hell of a gaming table

I follow a lot of woodworkers on YouTube, some of it to learn some tricks of the trade I occasionally adopt in my own projects around the house, but mostly for the relaxing hours of watching people plane boards perfectly flat, or hypnotically using a lathe to make a wooden bowl, or watching people making incredible desks and tables with epoxy.

One channel I occasionally check in on has just finished a project that took over a year, and I've seen the project in various stages every few months, but it's satisfying to see a giant project finally come to an end.

In this case, it's guy I only know from the Magic Mike movies, Joe Manganiello getting his custom made Dungeons and Dragons table delivered to his new space dedicated to  hosting big famous games. It looks like Joe built a pool house just for D&D!

It's a remarkable giant table, with dozens of hours put into getting the wood, prepping it for epoxy, doing the pours, waiting days between layers, then doing (spoiler: and redoing) the finishing to make it perfect. In the end, the Canadian woodworking team has to get it and themselves to LA, and that also includes hiring cranes and a team of professionally movers since it weighs hundreds of pounds.

I kinda love everything about this: watching Joe Manganiello embrace his nerdy passion of playing D&D into a whole new side career, how so many small shops put their interesting woodworking projects on YouTube, and finally, how these things end up costing $20,000-30,000, which doesn't seem outlandish once you see all the work from a variety of people that goes into one of these gargantuan projects over many months.