Once apple's new upgrade, Jaguar,

Once apple's new upgrade, Jaguar, comes out, I'd love to get a bluetooth-enabled cellphone and finally have a way to backup and maintain my contacts without having to use a tiny keypad for data entry. Looking for phones that might work with it, however, I see "available everywhere but the US" on most models (like these).

Apple wouldn't enable a new feature that couldn't be used on day one, there must be some bluetooth phones currently available that I can't find (I've googled, searched the cingular and sprintPCS phone pages to no avail). If anyone knows of currently available (in the US) bluetooth phones, mind dropping me a line? Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. It appears that there are only a handful of choices, a couple ericsson models, a motorola, and an upcoming nokia. Coverage looks to be a problem for the AT&T/ericsson combo as they don't cover all markets (not mine at least). Looks like another cool bit of technology that's not quite ready for prime time.