Olympics, Schmolympics

Two days into the Olympics and I can barely stand NBC's entertainment-as-news style of reporting. NBC seems to approach the games like it's a snapshot of Hollywood, elevating a few people to superstar status and covering their every move (Kwan, Bode Miller, etc). It quickly reaches a saturation point while at the same time piling on the pressure for these select athletes to win. It seems like NBC engineers its coverage to bring people up and then tear them down. Does it make for interesting TV when the stars don't get gold, because it seems to be the kiss of death. Or is NBC just so used to reporting on broken Hollywood marriages and crazy pop music stars that they don't know of any other way? Or do they do it so they can have their big cinderella story when someone they cover in exhausting detail actually wins?

I wish you could just get raw satellite feeds of each event online, or even buy them at the iTunes Music Store. I would pay for unedited coverage sans NBC announcers.