Oklahoma was interesting. As a

Oklahoma was interesting.

As a city, it was sprawling, bursting at the seams as prairie land was paved over to make way for new suburbs. The housing was disgustingly cheap, we saw lots of 4 bedroom houses on 5 acres that could be had for less than $150k. We even found 3,800 sq. ft. estates with indoor basketball courts for around what you'd pay for a 2 bdrm apartment/condo in San Francisco. But it was over 100 degrees everyday, and it was quite humid, so I doubt I could live there.

Kay's Dad's family functions got me acquainted with a big family of strangers that felt familiar quickly. I saw a lot of parallels with my mom's extended family. About 90% of the family members still live in their home state, with almost all in the city they were born in. You can see genetic predispositions to certain things pop-up along the family tree.

It was great to meet Sean Meade. I'll be making an effort to hook up with MetaFilter members wherever I go from now on. Later this month I'll be in LA, next month Australia, and at some point this summer I might be going to Indiana and then onto Chicago for a Cubs game.

Overall, it was a fun trip.