Nude sunbathing is under

Nude sunbathing is under attack, and I know it sounds like I'm a follower of The Man Show if I say I support nude sunbathing, but this quote is what cinches my position:

"There are topless bars and porn videos around everywhere and our argument is that it would be much healthier for people not to see women's bodies in this sexualised way"

I couldn't agree more.

I'm constantly reminded (in conversations, reading the news, watching american tv) that America was settled by people with strong puritan beliefs, and even three to four hundred years later, it shines through. Europeans seem to have such a healthier view of sexuality, when compared to America. Compared to Europe, the US seems like the immature fifteen year old punks in the back of the room giggling when someone says "boobie." Someday we'll get over it (I hope).