Note to web authors and

Note to web authors and programmers: A List Apart's article about XHTML is completely useless and should be avoided.

The article talks about all the reasons why one should not use XHTML to code pages. Not using the new language because it requires a change in code technique (to a better and less error-prone way of doing things), or because they're aren't any amazing uses of XHTML today is no excuse for not doing it. I've been coding pages in XHTML for the past few months, and it's the way HTML should have been designed from the start.

And after converting a couple sites from HTML/database backends to XML/XSL/database backends, I got to say the thing that took the most time was rewriting all the crappy HTML into XHTML-compliant code. It basically added hours of debugging time to clean up the old code. If your site is fully compliant XHTML, switching to an XML/XSL backend is a breeze.

(note: this site and metafilter are soon to be fully XHTML compliant)