Note to domain owners: Critical

Note to domain owners: Critical IP may be calling you soon (or may have already called you) to pitch you network security, IT, and VPN consulting. Even though my domains are clearly marked "Personal" to indicate they are not businesses (do a whois lookup on if you don't believe me, I think it's clear), the gang at Critical IP feel the whois database is a virtual goldmine worth cold-calling and bothering you at home (when I asked them if they got my number from the whois database, they admited that yes, that was how they obtained it).

Here's to hoping anyone searching for Critical IP at google sees this and hires a more capable firm that doesn't rely on abusing an information directory to find new business. And if you're unfortunate enough to get a message from the phone number (703) 691-2480 x270, it's not worth returning the call.

If you feel like sharing this message with anyone else, just copy this HTML and post on your site:

<a href="">Critical IP</a> sucks.

Which results in:
Critical IP sucks.