New podcast: Surprisingly Problematic


It started as some jokey posts on Twitter, but lots of my fellow Gen-Xers have experienced rewatching an old 1980s movie they loved, only to find out it had a lot more casual homophobia and misogyny or awkward nakedness or generally just didn't hold up when viewed today. So I said, "that should be a podcast!" and Erika Hall went and did it.

Here it is: Surprisingly Problematic

Erika picked the first movie to review, Pretty in Pink, and asked me to be the first guest. Spoiler alert: there was plenty to talk about but the movie wasn't as bad as I remembered. I think the first episode turned out pretty well and can't wait to hear other guests and their favorite films come up over the next few weeks. Since each episode will have a different guest, I'm hoping to return in 4-5 more episodes with something I used to love in the 80s but haven't seen in 30 years to review with fresh eyes.

I legitimately, unironically find everything about podcasting fascinating: the making of them, the concepting of them, the listening, the learning, the incredibly intimate feeling of hearing something in headphones that sounds like it was made for just you.

It's like the early days of blogging, all over again and it's a blast.